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Introducing our Family

Introducing our Family
Me & CK

Steve, Laura, Tara, Cris, Jordan

Rory, Charlie, Kerry, Kelsey, Karlee

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

My poor Henry was 60 feet up a tree across the ravine for 8 hours yesterday - crying.  I even called the fire department but they don't rescue cats anymore.  So we were  up and down that ravine trying different things to encourage him down.  Kerry who came for lunch and Jennifer and kids helped too.  It was so hot and we were all so tired of running back and forth to the house getting things to lure him down, even a can of sardines.  Finally a neighbor closer to the tree than we are came home from work and brought his ladder down.  Somehow we got the rope thrown around a branch close to him and hoisted up a big bucket.  Lo and behold if he didn't jump in it and they lowered him down.  Here's a photo of the workers, CK, Dennis, the neighbor, Kerry and Rosalie.  Also a photo of crying Henry up the tree.....

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