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Introducing our Family

Introducing our Family
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Thursday, April 28, 2011


As a lot of families did back in the 40's, we raised chickens. Every once in a while our Grandma who lived with us would axe their heads off on a stump and we would have them for supper. We thought it was funny to watch them jump around for a while without their heads. We also enjoyed their eggs but I was too afraid to go in the chicken coop to get the eggs because there was a mean rooster who would chase us. It was so exciting to see our Grandma coming up the street carrying a big box full of baby chicks in the spring. They were so cute and fuzzy then. My twin Judy and I would get 5 cents a week to collect the chicks in the evening and put them in our basement for the night until the weather warmed up enough for them to stay out in it. The chicken yard was a great place to dig worms for fishing. Here I am with my baby niece showing her the chickens.


Girlsie said...

I love that photo. Who are those two girls in the picture on the left. The smaller one is holding a siamese?

MyBlueHeaven said...

Judy don't you recognize Jennifer and Susan?