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Introducing our Family

Introducing our Family
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Monday, December 13, 2010


Oh to do this one more time with my little girl...(This one is Jennifer)


Cris said...

At first glance I couldn't tell if that was Kerry, Karlee, or Jennifer with you. Momma, you look so beautiful there.

susan sews a lot said...

Yeah, I thought it was Karlee at first. I'm thinking, Mom, you could probably do that again - just walk down the street - I'm sure Jen would be up for a nap.

Girlsie said...

oh, wouldn't that be nice?

kerry said...

I ditto Susan on that. I'm sure that happens weekly. :p Now here's a challenge...find one of you and me like that. :s

MyBlueHeaven said...

Kerry I'm sure you were too busy playing with your sisters. Ha. There's pros and cons about being the only small one. You can come take a nap on me whenever you want.