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Introducing our Family

Introducing our Family
Me & CK

Steve, Laura, Tara, Cris, Jordan

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Friday, July 24, 2009

A typical evening at our house


Cris said...

Luckeeee--Jen is so luckeeee!

MyBlueHeaven said...

I know I wish you could all live next door. How fun that would be.

Girlsie said...

Janet nice pic of an evening at your house. I like how you put our blog links on each others. I love that pic of your wedding day hands and the poem by it. I may steal it.

Jenny Carter said...

It must be so nice to be so close to family. Jen looks like one of the kids in this photo...heehee

Pease Porridge said...

The only thing missing is Foster catching a lizard.

susan sews a lot said...

yeah, yeah, rub it in . . . that's it, I am pitching a tent in the middle of the circle for a week so I can see what it is like . . . - but wait, I am glad Pappy isn't looking at MY yard everyday . . . .