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Introducing our Family

Introducing our Family
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I hope this in in English!

Yesterday was a day of accomplishments - First of all I got all my Tuesday chores done. Then I colored my hair. Then my bobbin wouldn't wind on my sewing machine so my husband and I took it apart and luckily I found the little rubber "O" ring laying loose inside. So he replaced that and now it winds again. Then Jennifer brought up a big package that was delivered to her house by mistake. It was my big Crosley recorder that I had got from E-Bay. I tried it out right away and actually taped a cassette to a CD. So now I can transfer to CD all the cassette tapes I had recorded (since 1994) of me telling childhood stories and other stories and old songs for the grandkids. I used to put them in their stockings for St. Nick. I even got some knitting done. And now today my first season of "Monk" came in the mail. I'm addicted to him.


kerry said...

Yay, you did win that ebay item. That's great. Don't you just love days where everything goes smooth and you get so much accomplished. I'm glad you're getting those cassettes transferred to CD's.

Tara Sue said...

I like your little penguins walking around! So cute Mamser!

susan sews a lot said...

I can finally read what that was. It was a bunch of gobbly gook for a while. I have the first season of Monk here, I just finished watching it. I got it from the library. It is sooo funny! Now I am hooked. He really grows on you - and the girl reminds me of Kelley - ha!

MyBlueHeaven said...

Well for goodness sake, wonder why it was gobbly gook. Yes I love Monk and Sherona does remind me of Kelley.

DawnMichele said...

I don't read hyrogliphics (sp?)
I wanted to say though, that I just love monk. I think because he seems to be more messed up in the head than I am. He is so cute though. Did you see the one where he actually had a date, but couldn't kiss her goodbye because she had cooties?