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Introducing our Family

Introducing our Family
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tom in 1983


kerry said...

Yeah, this is how I always remember Tom. Hard to believe this was taken in 1983. He didn't look much different in his last year.

susan sews a lot said...

Yes, this is how I will always remember him, too. Always with a smile on his face and ready to crack a joke, often at Judy's expense, with one arm at his side, and the other hand holding his elbow. He would snort and laugh about what he just said.

DawnMichele said...

This is how I will always remember Tom. When I was little, him and grandma coming over and we would play cards. I remember him saying, "hmm?....yeah"
He was always funny.

susan sews a lot said...

"I'll have another peps..."