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Introducing our Family

Introducing our Family
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Sunday, October 19, 2008


I was tagged by Mommy's Midwest Mountain (Cris)

So, the rules are:
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Okay, so here's my 7 "about me" facts:

1) I am blessed to be a twin. After all these years we took a DNA test and found out that we are indeed "Mono Zygotic" (identical). It was a great feeling.

2) The first time I was pregnant I prayed so hard for a daughter that it lasted through 3 more children and on down through to 5 granddaughters. Then lo and behold, 4 grandsons which I dearly love. Then the prayer kicked in again and one more granddaughter.

3) I would love to go to Alaska and Ireland before I get too old.

4) Favorite snack during the day are Honey Crisp Apples along with candy corn.

5) Favorite snack at night are pumpkin seeds.

6) I wish that all my children and grandchildren could have grown up during the 50's.

7) I consider myself lucky that all my children and their families live close. In fact Jennifer's lives right next door. One granddaughter lives and skates in Texas but she comes home fairly often.

I'll try to think of someone to "tag".

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