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Introducing our Family

Introducing our Family
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Night at the Beach

The other night we all went to the beach at sunset in Destin. It was so beautiful and breezy. Two pizzas (one large and one medium) washed ashore which turned out to be two jellyfish with flower designs on. I was dying to step on one but dared not. So many gulls and so fun to watch Jennifer and kids cavorting with them. Rosalie was trying to catch her first crane. I held out a cracker to them and one pricked my finger as he grabbed it. The gull I mean. Jennifer and I both got wax jobs on our arms as we carried up the candles we had lit. The very tall Jolly Roger flag wouldn't come apart so Scott had to walk to the house carrying it tall - so funny. Then as we pulled in the driveway of our house he jumps out waving the flag like a madman.


Girlsie said...

That's so funny about Scott and the pirate flag. The beach looks so inviting, such neat pictures. I love the beach and the ocean.

Cris said...

Who is girlsie? Those pictures made me so melancholy and envious of the days of olde when my kids were that little.